Tuesday, May 27, 2014

KITT's New Friend

A young robin decided it would be cool to hang out in KITT for awhile today while I was working in the garage. He was very content to just sit inside KITT and watch me. I talked to him quite a bit and he would hop over to see what I was doing.


I was afraid that he would end up hurting himself when he decided to try to get out of the garage, so when Sara got home we tried to usher him out, but he preferred to sit on KITT's hood instead.


His last stopping point was to check out the miniature KITT on the shelf. He eventually flew out of the garage, but I am not sure we have seen the last of this little guy. :)


I had delusions of grandeur that I was going to remove all the red powder coating from the subframe connectors, lower control arms, and track bar today. 


It turns out that the inside of the driver side subframe did not want to let go of the powder coating as easily as the outside did. I spent almost all day working to get this off. 



I decided that with all the effort it was going to take just to remove the powder coating that maybe it is neither worth it nor necessary. When I painted the mounting brackets for both subframe connectors I just scuffed up the powder coating and then applied the POR-15 gloss black over the top. This has held up well and I even tested a spot with the 2 Minute Remover stripper and it had no effect on the POR-15. I am thinking at this point it will be easier and more effective to just scuff up the remaining red parts and then apply the POR-15 gloss black over the powder coating.

If I could actually take the subframe connectors off the car it would be a lot easier to remove the powder coating, but as it is they are bolted and welded in place. I guess long term it will be interesting to see if one side holds up better than the other.



Here is what is left of the powder coating from the driver's side subframe connector.


The last thing I did today was take off the Panhard/track bar from the rear so that I can start working on scuffing it up and prepping it for POR-15.





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