Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Project: K.I.T.T - What's Been Going On

I dug out KITT's schematics from where they have been packed since we insulated the garage and hung them back on the garage wall. You know what that means... It is time for Project: K.I.T.T. to get serious again. No more anger, no more moping, and no more excuses.

I will admit that I have not been very interested in anything KITT related lately. Every time I would attempt to work on something I would let my anger get the better of me and as a result I used that as an excuse to mope around and not do anything about it. The bottom line is that I screwed up. I needed to do more research before just choosing a painter and above that I needed to be more literal about what exactly I wanted done. Lesson learned. Now it is time to move on.

The shear amount of work it is going to take to restore the underbody to its previous condition (and not just cover it up with paint) has been overwhelming me. It was during a post on the Knight Rider Revolution board that I happened to notice the quote in my signature line. It has always been there, but for some reason it hit me differently this time. 

"No one ever suggested that what we do is easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is." 
- Devon Miles

I think that about says it all. I am officially over this bump in the road, and to celebrate I have revised the video trailer for our YouTube channel. Enjoy.

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