Thursday, February 6, 2014

More Parts For KITT

Mark Scrivani of Mark's Custom Kits Inc. has changed his focus and is no longer going to be in the Knight Rider replica business. As a result, the large collection of Trans Am restoration parts he has amassed over the years is up for sale.

I ordered the following from Mark: Tan rear passenger roof trim, a lower dash trim panel without cutouts, a headlight switch, a New Old Stock (NOS) Glove box cover, and a new turn-signal, cruise stem, with wiper delay. The parts arrived on Monday.
Mark was very careful and packaged everything very well.

Everything was just as he described and now I can cross all these items off KITT's wish list. :)

The NOS glove box/center console cover looks amazing!

The turn signal lever is the new four-wire design found on 1984 and newer Trans Ams, but I believe Mark and I have figured out how to properly wire it so that it will match up to the three-wire design used on the 1982 and 1983 model year Trans Ams. This was a new piece so it is in perfect shape.

The headlight switch is used and shows some minor wear, but since the original one in my Trans Am had developed a short this will be a big improvement. I will use this until I get all of KITT's electronics switched over and under his control.

This is the lower dash trim panel without any of the cutouts for the rear hatch release and rear defrost. This trim piece had various non-factory cutouts when I got the car, and since KITT will be getting a new dash and all new electronics the original switches will no longer be located in this panel. Now it will have a nice clean look.

I will be spending the next few days in the garage, picking up and organizing my tools, and getting any extra car parts out of the garage and into storage. I am excited to get back to work on KITT, but it will be so much easier with everything organized.

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