Monday, May 28, 2012

POR-15 - First Application

Everything dried overnight, so we were ready to rock and roll this morning. Sara went over the area thoroughly with her parts brush to loosen any dirt or debris, and I vacuumed everything off. 

The seat rail frame was bent, causing the driver seat anchor bolt to lean. I straightened the bolt and surrounding frame, and decided to reinforce this area with some of the PowerMesh.

I then taped the underside of the holes in the floor pan on the driver side with black duct tape to prevent the PowerMesh from sagging. This probably was not necessary as our holes were not very big, but I thought I should tape them anyway.

Our next step was the POR-Patch. Here are some pictures of the seam that needed sealing along the rocker panels.

The POR-Patch was very easy to apply and had only a very minimal tar-like odor. I have read reviews online that compared the consistency to pudding, and I would have to agree. I drew a bead of POR-Patch directly into the seams, and Sara used a plastic spreader to work it into the seams.

Although my wife advised I order two tubes of POR-Patch, I used my better judgment and only ordered one tube. Thus, I ran out of POR-Patch halfway down the passenger side seam. I am ordering another two tubes of POR-Patch today to finish the side seam and for the rest of the seams in the back that are going to need it.

I may not have ordered enough POR-Patch, but I definitely ordered enough PowerMesh. (Sara suggested I order two yards, so I ordered three.) I did not even use one yard to fix all the holes I had in my floor pan. POR-15's directions are not clear on how large of area needs to be cut to cover a hole. I think I cut the pieces of PowerMesh too large on my first try, because I ended up cutting some of it down while I was applying it so it would adhere better. It may be too early at this point to tell, but right now I think the pieces needed to be cut smaller.

I ordered a pack of six 4-ounce cans of black POR-15. We emptied our first can surprisingly fast. I was applying the POR-15 thicker than Sara was, and I think I was putting too much down. The POR-15 is very easy to paint but is also very different than paint. It spreads itself out and self-levels. We used two cans to cover both floor pans.

We are now waiting for it to dry so we can apply the second coat of POR-15. We are hoping to be able to do this tonight yet. We are wondering if we should have opted for the mixed color pack instead of all black so it would be easier to see first and second coats. We are going to need to order more, so we may choose to mix up the next six pack.

Everyone said it was impossible to clean POR-15 off skin, but we found our Gojo Fast Wipes worked great to take it off skin, tools, and cement. Gojo rules!

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