Sunday, May 6, 2012

More Grinding, Sanding, Scuffing, Cleaning And The T-Top Blues

We spent today doing some more grinding and clean up of the floor pans and rear cargo area. We found out it does not need to be down to the metal for the POR-15 to adhere; it just needs to be free of flaking and needs to be well scuffed. At this point I am still planning to do the entire interior, but we will see how the floor goes.

The last thing we did today was remove the t-top seals and I was disappointed to find more rust on the passenger side than I had anticipated. The front windshield side rail is completely rusted away. I've heard this rail is not as important as the U-channel rail because you can silicone the seals down. I should be able to tell more once I get the rust cleaned up. This area will also be receiving a treatment of POR-15.

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