Sunday, March 4, 2012

This Weekend's Headliner: Gone

This weekend Sara and I removed the headliner in order to find out the extent of the damage caused by the leaking T-top. Even though the headliner itself was totally water damaged and deteriorating we were pleasantly surprised to find the roof's interior virtually rust-free. My theory is the headliner caught the leaking water and kept it away from the metal inside because it no longer fit properly and was drooping. The outside was not so lucky and the passenger side front rail has some pretty extensive rusting between the seals and the front lip of the car. So far in the areas I have checked the rust does not appear to have spread under the seals or to the irreplaceable U-channel. I have been doing some research into replacing the T-top seals. From what I have read there is supposed to be an adheasive under the seals to keep them in place and to keep water from getting trapped underneath the seals. The seals currently on the car do not have any adhesive as I was able to easily separate them from the metal. It appears that without the adhesive water was trapped between the seals and the body of the car (as you can see in the picture where I am pulling back the seal). From what I have inspected so far this seems to have only affected the passenger side. Here are some before and after pictures followed by some shots of the problem areas.

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