Sunday, November 24, 2019

KARR's New Trunk Carpet & Leather Wrapped Shift Knob

Sometimes you just do stupid leaving a partially used jug of oil in the back of your trunk which in hindsight you realize you did not did not seal properly. Poor KARR. He ended up with about a quart of oil in his trunk. 

Now my trunk carpet was stained to begin with. If you remember, even after the power washing I gave it, I was never able to remove the stains. They seemed like grease, or maybe oil? 🤔 In any case this was the perfect reason to buy new carpet for the trunk! 

I purchased the parts I would need from the Fiero Store. Premium carpet? Sure...why not? I also ordered two retaining clips and four rubber bump stops.

When I opened the box I was surprised that a molded carpet could be so compact.

After opening it up and laying it out I found myself thinking I cannot believe that was all in that box! This carpet is much more plush that the factory carpet. I had the choice of grey or black and decided that black would not only look better but would hide future stains. 🙄

There is a nice layer of insulative padding on the back side that will rest against the firewall. The entire back of the carpet had a slightly oily substance on it that I am thinking is some kind of release agent. It had to be wiped off by hand.

Here is the existing carpet after I soaked up the oil sitting in the bottom.

The existing carpet pulls out super easy, but man is it paper thin compared to this new carpet.

With the carpet out I needed to wipe up the remaining oil from the bottom of the trunk. Then I used some all purpose cleaner and degreaser to clean it.

My first attempt at installing the new carpet...I did and redid this several times.

At this point I have to say I was jealous of the fit on the old carpet, but I wasn't ready to give up just yet.

Getting frustrated I decided to compare the old carpets shape to the new carpet and discovered that it appears they forgot to trim the passenger side of the carpet.

With Sara's help holding the carpet together, I trimmed off the excess.

Time for attempt 1,798. Okay, maybe not but it felt that bad...

I am much happier with the fit now. There was just too much carpet on that side.

The end result! It needs to flatten out some more which it should do when it gets warm in about six months!

Here are the new black retaining clips installed. The lens for the trunk light broke when I removed it, and I when I was removing the old carpet I realized that there were three more retaining clips that I had forgotten were there. The old ones are obvious in the pictures because they are grey. I placed another order with The Fiero Store this week. I ordered two more sets of retaining clips, a new trunk light lens and new trunk weather stripping as the old stuff is still original.

And in other news...Tracy finished leather wrapping KARR's shift knob. Tracy owns Ultimate Upholstery Solutions. He does great work and did an unbelievable custom stitched pattern on this. Project: K.I.T.T. highly recommends Ultimate Upholstery Solutions. The pictures speak for themselves!

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