Thursday, April 11, 2019

Winter Update

This winter we started putting KITT back together.  We started by installing KITT's new rear bumper from Knight Designs.  We purchased new hardware as the original hardware from the vinyl bumper could not be reused.

Next we tackled the doors.  These have been off KITT since they were painted.  We would like to get the door hardware installed and it will be much easier to install with the doors mounted to the car.  Gaining access to the bolts for the door hinges requires removing the front fender.

Now that the fender is off, we can install the door.

The doors are heavy and hard to balance, so we placed a tub near the car to help balance the door as we installed it. 

This is how you access the bolts for the door hinges.  You can see why the fender needs to be removed.

The driver side door is on!  We opened and closed the door to check for fitment issues.  The doors will need to be properly adjusted, but we wanted to make sure they will not hit or rub while we are working on the car.

With the door on and opening properly, we reinstalled the front fender.

On to the passenger side.  We removed the front fender and laid it on a piece of carpet to keep it from getting scratched.

Front quarter with fender removed.

We installed the passenger door the same way we did the driver side, once again using the tub to help balance the door.  Here I am tightening up the hinge bolts.

Reinstalling the passenger side fender.

KITT has both doors back on!

We mounted KITT's nose next.  This is Knight Designs' third season nose.  It bolts to the fenders and covers the metal impact bumper.

There is a clearance issue with the lower lip of the nose and the bottom of the impact bumper.

This clearance issue prevents the nose from sitting flush against the fender.

Looking in from the front, this is where the nose is catching on the lower edge of the impact bumper.

Even with it not fitting properly, the nose looks awesome installed!

I spoke with Billy from Knight Designs and he said I should be able to loosen the bolts on the impact bumper and raise it up enough so it does not hit on the lower lip of the nose.

This is another picture of where it is catching.

KITT is beginning to look like a car again!

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