Monday, March 16, 2015

KITT Has All 16 Wheels On The Ground

We decided to take advantage of the super nice weather and get KITT down off the jack stands.

Sara took this picture to point out all the stuff I have again stored inside KITT. She says KITT is not impressed.

I started by raising the front end with the jack so I could remove the blocks and rest the front end on just the jack stands.

I did the same thing in the rear. (Sara's dad and mom came over to supervise.)

My floor jack does not have a low enough clearance to fit under the K-member or rear differential once the car is lowered to the ground. I had to switch jacking points to the subframe connectors and lower the driver side to the ground first.

I repeated the process with the passenger side. I plan to buy a new jack with a lower clearance and at least the same jacking height. I found out while changing oil on both the Freestyle and the Fiero that they would benefit from a jack with a lower clearance.

Before the passenger side was completely lowered to the ground we slid the auto dollies under the wheels.

The rear driver side tire was low on air, so I filled it back up.

We slid the auto dollies under the driver side wheels and lowered the car down.

KITT is back on wheels (all 16 of them)! Four wheels per dollie. ;)

KITT moves very easily with the auto dollies!

I was able to push KITT by myself to the other side of the garage.

Time to sweep up a year's worth of dust and dirt accumulation.

All clean!

I moved KITT back and a little closer to the wall this time. As easy as it is to move him now, I will be able to pull him out when I want to work on him.

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