Sunday, May 5, 2013

Prepping The Calipers

On Saturday I started prepping the calipers so I could paint them on Sunday. In between the MarineClean and Prep and Ready treatments I picked up the garage a bit. One thing is certain, space is at a premium now that the hood, doors, and back glass Mario dropped off are being stored in the garage.

Here are the re-manufactured rear brake calipers.

I removed some of the hardware and will mask off any areas I do not plan to paint.

Here are the re-manufactured front brake calipers.

Again, I removed some of the hardware and will mask off any areas I do not plan to paint.

All four brake calipers are now ready to be cleaned and prepped.

I used MarineClean to make sure all of the oils and grease were removed from the outer surfaces of the brake calipers.

Once I had thoroughly cleaned the exterior surfaces I rinsed them off with hot water. 

I then placed the brake calipers into a small tub and sprayed them thoroughly with Prep and Ready. This was left to soak for 30 minutes and then rinsed off with hot water. 

I set the calipers outside to drip dry.

It was while these were soaking and drying that I cleaned and organized some of the garage. I was able to combine several boxes of parts and ended up getting rid of five boxes. I can see some of the floor again! When the calipers were pretty much dry I brought them back in and set them on the table to finish drying overnight. The POR-15 requires that they be absolutely bone dry before you can apply the paint.

Sunday ended up being too cool to paint (I really did not want to get the heaters back out just to get the garage up to 50 degrees), but I did work on organizing the garage a bit more. I figured out a better way to store our bikes which will give us better egress in and out of the cars when they are both parked in the garage.

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