Thursday, September 1, 2011

Planning For The Future

I needed a good place to start and blueprints seemed like the logical first step. Lucky for me Nick Nugent had just recently enhanced and redesigned the K.I.T.T. kit originally published in 1983 by Universal Studios. He also took the opportunity to create a matching K.A.R.R. kit. He made both kits available in limited production run of only 100 prints for the 3rd annual Knight Rider Festival held in Las Vegas. Although I did not attend, I was able to order two of these sets through the festivals online store. Thanks Nick!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Runnin' Down A Dream

From the first episode of Knight Rider I knew that someday I was going to drive that car. In retrospect, I was around 6 years old at the time and shared that dream with just about every other fan of Knight Rider in the country. As I got older and reality set in, the feasibility of ever owning a car like K.I.T.T. grew even more remote. 

But I never let the dream die. In high school I had to choose between taking auto mechanics or electronics. I chose electronics and began studying the layout of K.I.T.T.'s dash.