"Captain, It would appear that our friend Cyrano Jones the space trader has recently been to this station as well. Scanners have picked up signs of tribbles in the holds. Their numbers are still relatively small, but they are multiplying rapidly. My calculations indicate that it is only a matter of hours until the exponentially growing tribble population consumes all of the food stores on this station as well."

"Spock," replies the Captain, "we can't afford to let the tribbles destroy this crop as well as the one on Sherman's Planet. We need to try and stop them. . . somehow."

"There may be a way. With the help of Mr. Scott, We have connected this ancient Earth circuit board, labeled 'Pac-Man Namco 1980' to the transporter system. We should be able to materialize a Pac-Man and send him to devour the tribbles. However, it is unknown whether this primitive Pac-Man is capable of consuming all of the tribbles in time."

"Well, Mr. Spock, it's the only thing we can try. The tribbles got the better of us once before, and we must try to prevent it a second time."