What Can You Do With Four Tubs, Marine Clean, Water & Prep & Ready?

posted Dec 18, 2012, 6:48 PM by Jonathan Imberi
Other than make a mess that is. ;) 

My order from Eastwood arrived today which is good because I needed the supplies in order to continue working on the cowl and steering linkage. I ordered a quart of both Marine Clean and Prep & Ready, a pint of black POR-15 and Eastwood's Internal Frame Coating.

Today I worked on cleaning all of the steering linkage pieces and the wiper linkage with Marine Clean. They were still extremely greasy so I opted to clean them in a small tub in an effort to minimize the mess.

Once I had thoroughly scrubbed each piece, I rinsed them off with hot water in a larger tub.

This is the Marine Clean tub after I cleaned the steering & wiper linkage. The picture does not do it justice. The water was black and thick like dirty oil.

Here are all of the cleaned parts. I decided I am going to put a single coat of POR-15 on the the wiper linkage just as a preventative measure.

I gathered all of the parts and placed them in another large tub. I recently reread the detailed directions for Prep & Ready and discovered that it can be reused! I wish that I had realized that earlier so that I would not have had to continue reordering it. I sprayed all of the parts down with Prep & Ready and let is soak for 15 minutes then I flipped the parts over and repeated the process. 

While the parts were soaking I taped plastic sandwich bags to the drain spouts on either side of the cowl. I sprayed the interior of the cowl with Prep & Ready and let is soak for 30 minutes before removing the bags and rinsing it with water. The bags were successful in reclaiming about 90% of the Prep & Ready.

When I finished rinsing the cowl I laid the steering linkage and wiper linkage out on a blue tarp and rinsed them off with water.

After I finished I set the parts on top of a cardboard box.

This is the inside of the cowl on the driver's side after I prepped it.

This is the inside of the cowl on the passenger side after I prepped it.

The last thing I did this afternoon was clean up the garage. Now there is room for Sara to park inside when she gets home.

Tomorrow I plan to paint the cowl and the steering linkage parts.