Removing Wiper Linkage & Spoiler

posted Dec 14, 2012, 8:02 PM by Jonathan Imberi
After the garage warmed up this afternoon I decided to remove the wiper linkage from the cowl in preparation for cleaning, prepping and painting the inner cowl area.

Six bolts hold the wiper linkage in place (three on either side). You can see the windshield fluid sprayer nozzle in the right side of this picture. I removed both the driver's side and the passenger side sprayers and their hoses after removing the linkage.

These next two pictures show the cowl with the linkage and sprayers removed.

Here is the wiper linkage, windshield fluid sprayers and hoses and all of the hardware. I am going to clean up the linkage and might paint this with a coat of POR-15.

I need to remove the spoiler from the hatch so Mario can prep it for paint. I have not located another rear hatch glass to replace my etched one, but I intend to keep looking. In the mean time Mario can get started on the spoiler at least.

There are only four bolts securing the spoiler to the rear hatch. Here are the two on the driver's side.

Here are the two bolts on the passenger side.

Once the nuts were removed the spoiler just lifted off the rear hatch.

Here are the driver's side mounting holes on the rear hatch.

Here are the passengers side mounting holes on the rear hatch.

These plastic insulators sit between the spoiler and the rear hatch. Aside from needing to be cleaned up they look to be in good shape. The four nuts for securing the spoiler are also pictured.