Painting The Firewall With POR-15, Part 1

posted Aug 5, 2012, 9:54 AM by Jonathan Imberi
Here are the before shots of the firewall and the two inner areas below where the speaker mounts and behind the door jam. Sara worked on the firewall and I worked on the two inner areas.

Found a use for this dauber! I am cutting off the previously used end.

Now I have two stir sticks; one with a convenient handle!

Sara is wearing her POR-15 shoes and is ready to get started.

We opted to use the silver POR-15 on this project. We have one can left and really want to get it used up. I am using one of my newly-made stir sticks to stir the POR-15. It works great!

I received Hello KITTy duct tape from a friend for my birthday. I am using it to cover the holes where the rear stone guards bolt on.

Sara thinks it looks very pretty.

There are inside shots after I painted the inner areas with POR-15. It was very hard to get into this areas, so I am not too concerned with how great it looks. You won't be able to see it anyway.

If there is POR-15 left over after Sara does a second coat on the firewall, I will do a touch-up coat on these inner areas. If not, I believe it is covered good enough to protect it, as I made the first application quite thick.

Pictures of Sara's first coat on the firewall. She is not happy with how the silver POR-15 covers. It does not self-level as well as the black POR-15.

Sara did not have issues with the black POR-15 running. Look at the drive tunnel in this picture. Sara puts the POR-15 on in much thinner coats than I do, and it still ran. We seemed to go through the silver POR-15 much faster than the black also. I am glad this is my last can of silver.