KITT's Hybrid LED & Halogen Scanner

posted Feb 19, 2014, 6:32 PM by Jonathan Imberi
The H3 halogen replacement LEDs and capacitors I ordered for the scanner arrived yesterday. I decided to do a direct side comparison since I could not find where anyone online had done that. I replaced four of the eight bulbs with their LED equivalents and wired the capacitors inline to provide the proper fade out and trailing effect.

The LEDs ended up being disappointingly dim compared to the halogens. I also did not care for the the trailing effect in comparison to the halogens. There is just something artificial about it. Here is a video comparing the H3 halogen replacement LEDs versus halogens.

The sun came out just as I finished up the first video, so I made another quick video with the bar in direct sunlight from the open garage door.

In my opinion there is no comparison, as all around I think the halogens look way better! It is just a completely different look altogether. I will just have to find a way to deal with the heat. I want to know what you think though, so head on over to our Google+ Page or YouTube Channel and vote in the comments for either the LEDs or the halogens.