Don't Show Customers The Door

Jonathan Imberi 

Why do most companies ignore the customer after they buy?

Because most of them think the job is over once the sale is made. The first-time customer is the most expensive conversion there is. You're lucky if you can convert two percent of new prospects to a sale. 

Repeat customers buy more frequently and are easier to control, but there's still an obstacle. You must build loyalty with the first purchase to persuade them to become repeat customers later on. 

The first sale is when your job begins - not ends. Personalization and knowing every little facet of your customer's behavior is a worthy goal, but there's an easier (and much cheaper) way to get going. Now. When your customer places an order. 

Post-purchase follow-up is critical - and made easy through SendJax. You need to discover what the customer really thinks. 

Step into your customer's shoes. Ask yourself: What's the first thing I think about after I purchase? Some possible answers are: 

  • This is a mistake. I don't know if I'll get what I paid for. 
  • My significant other will kill me for making this purchase. 
  • What did I buy??? 

If you're like many, you think you’ve made a mistake. Not a bad mistake, but you just committed some cash for a Thing. Suddenly, you're not sure that Thing fits into your life. When a company fails to follow up, it is indirectly reinforcing your doubt. 

Bottom line: Most people doubt the purchase decision they just made. For example, on the Internet, few companies do anything to alleviate that doubt, and after a purchase on the Internet, you usually get: 

  1. A thank-you page with a record of your order 
  2. Maybe an automated email follow-up with your receipt and links back to the site 
  3. A package in the mail, which arrives anywhere from 2 to 14 days later. There's no predictability unless you pay for guaranteed overnight shipping. 
  4. A post-purchase message, from a real employee, designed to make sure you're happy rather than worried and to assure you that you'll get what you want - and a chance to buy more. 

If your company is only doing steps one through three, you're in the majority. Only a few do step four, but those few tend to do well. With some simple technique and the use SendJax, you, too, can achieve this easily. Don’t be mislead, however, thinking this only applies to Internet businesses – it applies to any company that sells a product or offers a service, no exceptions. 

Automating Post-Purchase Follow-Up 

SendJax is a revolutionary, active database e-mail tool. Through a two-step cycle of simple, efficient e-mails, SendJax asks customers which service qualities are important to them, and then follows up to ask how well the client company and its employees are performing on each of those service qualities. 

Customers form an opinion of your business within 30 days of purchase. During that period, they decide to be repeat customers. Or not. What you do right after the sale determines much of their satisfaction. 

The purchase is a signal of brand trust. Repeat buying is a sign of brand viability. It all begins with simple, human communication. With SendJax you can automate the process easily and achieve more value from every sale you make.